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Spacerep has been working for many years in the Industrial and Hi-Rel market where has been intensely established a trusted partnership in the construction of electronic projects, manufactured in according to the most strict customer specifications and international standards from MIL to ESCC.

Since the 1980s Spacerep is based in Milan, where a staff of specialized technicians is following the Italian electronic market, now recovering strongly after the economic crisis.

Spacerep is able to fulfill any kind of request: customized electronics with layout and packaging based on customer’s drawings; obsolete ICs - semiconductors no longer in production as replacements or equivalent, to solve any problem of obsolescence.

Obsolete components are nowadays became a big problem, these electronic parts have been decommissioned from the traditional market and therefore is very difficult to retrieve them without giving up on high quality standards.

The main characteristic of Spacerep, which distinguishes it from other electronic manufacturers in the market, is to provide however, through numerous European partnerships, obsolete components and customize electronics with guaranteed and certified quality.

Spacerep is capable to offer different types of semiconductors such as memories, microprocessors, linear & logical devices as well as optical components (LED, Laser and Lightening).

In addition, we are a qualified Assembly and Test House for Hybrid technology that make us able to develop and produce any custom electronic component designed ​​on the customer’s layout.

The quality level is ensured by our in-house technologies:

  • Thick film

  • Bare-Dice

  • Bonding

  • Automatic P&P

  • Soldering

  • Hermetic case encapsulation

  • Clean room

Thanks to these techniques we can help our customers to build their first sample as well as many parts for a normal production.

All our products can be tested with mechanical, environmental and electrical screening in according to requested Standards as:

ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 9100:2009, EN ISO 13485:2003, IPC-J-STD-001 and DLR-RF-PS-STD-008

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